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Houston Video Editing Services

Houston Video Editing knows the importance of communicating a video message to a specific audience. Like any video, cutting and editing must be done after a film or recording has taken place in order to produce the most captivating and accurate message possible-- and that’s our Houston Video Editing team’s focus! We use top-line video editing software to edit creative stories, such as the following:

  • Corporate Videos
    These videos offer an excellent way for professionals to demonstrate a business marketing plan. A corporate video helps workers visualize the presenter’s ideas better than spoken words can. This type of video can also highlight your business’ personality and create a relatable feel for your customers.
  • Event Videos
    Your business hosted a fantastic event for the launch of a new product that you captured on video and now you want your followers to see the energetic presence and wonderful customer service your staff offers, but before you share it on social media you realize the video doesn’t display branded graphics--that’s why you send it to us! An event video can give insight to new potential customers and to those who weren’t able to attend the event.
  • Explainer Video
    An explainer video, usually one to three minutes long, offers product and service information and generates interest for customers before choosing a business to patronize. It can also be used to explain a new business project or an elevator pitch. We can help get your points across effectively by helping write a clear script, directing speaker and prop positioning for best presentation, and editing out unnecessary footage.
  • Presentations/Seminars Video
    Unedited seminar videos can put an audience to sleep, but simply adding photos and graphics can make an excited and inviting presentation that will win over your audience. Also, your presentation/seminar does not have to be lengthy, our video editors can cut anything that does not relate to your core message to ensure your audience remains focused while learning the most important information.
  • Product Demos
    A product demonstration video is not only to show and talk to your customers about your product, but should also demonstrate to your viewers how relevant the product is to them. To keep your audience’s attention during a presentation, our team can add transitions to your video to emphasize specific scenes.
  • Training Videos
    Training videos are highly effective for new employees because they show and tell how to get a job done. A well crafted and edited video can reduce confusion among your employees, lower your training cost, and be streamed by several employees from various locations at the same time.
  • Vlogs (Video Blogs)
    The internet is flooded with Vlog content that can either gain or lose a customer. Potential customers surf Youtube to look for relevant information, and although your business may have products and/or services to potentially meet their needs, you will lose that client if your vlog is not visually strong. We deliver quality editing to make sure anyone who stumbles upon your videos becomes a loyal follower.

Animation and Graphics

Are you tired of watching your plain unattractive video? Does the content feel right, but the overall view doesn’t excite you? Houston Video Editing focuses on transforming your video with the following editing effects:

  • Animations - We specialize in Network Style video and Flash animation. If you have no clue how to start telling your story through film, we can help you create a kinetic typography video, which is made up of moving texts.
  • Graphics - Adding the right graphics to your video improves the amount of time viewers spend watching your video. Our graphic designers specialize in creating graphics that are compatible to your video file and theme. Some of the graphics we can add to your video are:

    • Chyron: caption that occupies the lower portion of a screen frame to introduce actors
    • On-Screen Text: titles or brief annotations that will get your point across
    • On-Screen Image: brand Logos, shapes, or pictures that illustrate a product/service
  • Transitions - Videos without transitions can become confusing to your audience. Our professional video editing team can add smooth transitions that best fit your video.

Voiceover and Narration

  • Audio/Music Track - Adding background music to video without verbal script can enhance and set the tone of your video. Music can also replace any silent moments you have during video transitions, which helps keep your audience’s attention.
  • Voice Over Demos - Voice overs are recorded dialogue placed in the video spoken by someone not currently seen on the screen. A voice over, or off-camera narration, is useful when the images alone don’t tell the whole story but a person on screen might distract from the visual information being presented.

Video File Devices

Can we edit a video recorded from your phone’s camera? Absolutely! Houston Video Editing edits and transfers video files from these devices:

  • Desktop
  • Digital Cameras
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

For more information about our reasonable rates and our Houston Video Editing services please contact us at 713-269-3094.